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Section I: Introduction to mountain ecosystems

  1. Mountains: Globally important ecosystems (Martin F. Price, Unasylva 195, v49 n195 p3,, 1998)
  2. Mountains, biodiversity and conservation (A. Chaverri-Polini, Unasylva 195, v49, n195 p47, 1998)
  3. Animals thrive in an avalanche's wake (Kevin Krajick, Science, v279 n5358 p1853)

Section II: Population and mountains

  1. Peak season (Richard Woodbury, Time, n2 p50-51, 1999)
  2. Women, children and well-being in the mountains of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region (J.D. Gurung, Unasylva 196, v50 n196 p12,, 1999)
  3. People and mountains (Derek Denniston, Overview, People and the Planet,
  4. Taming the tourists (Mark Price, People and the Planet,
  5. Environment, culture, economy and tourism: Dilemmas in Hindu Kush-Himalayas (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,

Section III: Mountain policy

  1. Intellectual, biological, and cultural property rights in the HKH (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development, publications/imd/imd982.htm)
  2. UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere programme in mountain areas (Thomas Schaaf, Unasylva 196, v50 n196 p31-34, 1999)
  3. Chapter 13: Sustainable mountain development (Agenda 21, Progress Report, FAO,

Section IV: Development and management in mountain ecosystems

  1. Managing mountain parks: Special challenges (Lawrence S. Hamilton, Unasylva 196, v50 n196 p20-23, 1999)
  2. Market and small towns in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas: Alternative modes of urbanization (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,
  3. Development of mini- and micro-hydropower: Issues and constraints (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,
  4. Management of water for the prevention of environmental hazards (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,
  5. Integrated planning for environment and economic development in mountain areas: Concepts, issues and approaches (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,
  6. Lessons learned from an interregional experience in participatory upland development (L. Fe'd Ostiani, Unasylva 196, v50 n196 p9-11,, 1999)
  7. Participation in upland development and conservation (J. Escobedo Urquizo, Unasylva 196, v50 n196 p3-8,, 1999)
  8. The Andringitra National Park in Madagascar (H. Rabetaliana et al., Unasylva 196, v50 n196 p25-30,, 1999)
  9. 2. Planning and management of mountain watershed in the tropics
    (S.K. Datta et al., in XI World Forestry Congress, v2, Oct. 13-22, 1997,
  10. 3.1 Mountain forests and sustainable mountain development (Gottle, El-Hadji and M. Sene, in XI World Forestry Congress, v2,, Oct. 13-22, 1997)
  11. French forest communes and sustainable development in mountain areas (P.C. Zingari, Unasylva 195, v49 n195 p55-57, 1998)
  12. Mountain research and development: Past, present and the future (J.D. Ives, Unasylva 195, v49 n195 p58-61, 1998)
  13. Sustainable mountain agricultural development programme (LESOTHO,

Section V: Mountains and climate

  1. Landscape and climate change in the central Canadian Rockies during the 20th century (Brian H. Luckman, The Canadian Geographer 42, n4 p319-336, Winter 1998)

Section VI: Mountains and water

  1. Mountains and freshwater supply (H. Liniger and R. Weingartner, Unasylva 195, v49 n195 p39-46, 1998)

Section VII: Mountain economics

  1. The economics of mountain resource flows (Jane Pratt and Lynelle Preston, Unasylva 195, v49 n195 p31-38, 1998)
  2. Highland-lowland economic linkages (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,

Section VIII: Mountain agriculture

  1. Livestock development in mixed crop farming systems (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,
  2. Sustainable mountain agriculture in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas: Strengthening education and research capacities (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,
  3. Trends and prospects of sustainable mountain agriculture in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,
  4. Bioterracing and soil conservation (ICIMOD, Issues in Mountain Development,

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