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Section I: Key documents

  1. Forest resources assessment 1990: Global synthesis (FAO)
  2. State of the world's forests 1997, Executive summary and full document (FAO)
  3. Forest and tree resources (Jean-Paul Lanly, FAO)
  4. The Distribution and Variety of Equatorial Rain Forest (Jonathan Adams, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  5. The World's Monsoon and Dry Forests (Jonathan Adams, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  6. The grinding of the axe: Deforestation (Paul Harrison, The Third Revolution)
  7. Forests as human dominated ecosystems (Ian R. Noble et al., Science, v277 n5325 p522)
  8. Resources at risk (WRI, World Resources 1998-99)
  9. Forests and range-lands (WRI, World Resources 1994-95)
  10. Forests and human health (USDA Forest Service, International Programs, Issue Brief)
  11. Seeing the forest among the trees: Forests and forestry (FAO Silvafor Journal)
  12. Putting a price tag on nature's bounty (Wade Roush, Science, v276 n5315 p1029)
  13. Study finds 10% of tree species under threat (Nigel Williams, Science, v281 n5382 p1426)
  14. Biomass collapse in Amazonian forest fragments (William F. Laurance et al., Science, v278 n5340 p1117)
  15. Deforestation: An overview of global programs and agreements (Julie Lyke et al., Congressional Research Service, Oct. 21, 1992)
  16. Europe during the last 150,000 years; Eurasia during the last 150,000 years, etc. (Jonathan Adams, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Section II: Related documents

  1. Protected area deforestation in south Sumatra, Indonesia (Steven R. Brechin et al., in Gayl Ness et al. (eds), Population-Environment Dynamics)
  2. The Forest sector: Important innovations (Roger Sedjo, Resources for the Future, Discussion Paper 97-42)
  3. Sustaining the world's forests (Worldwatch Institute, State of the World 1998)
  4. Forest decline continues and tree plantations taking root (Worldwatch Institute, Vital Signs, 1998)
  5. Forest decline continues and ecosystem conversion spreads (Worldwatch Institute, Vital Signs, 1997)
  6. UNHCR: An overview, the environment (UNHCR Issues Briefing)
  7. Statement by the UNHCR at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNHCR 1992)
  8. Prominent biologists have thrown... (Jim Randkle, Science, v280 n5364 p663)
  9. Environmental groups are massing... (David Moore, Science, v280 n5362 p367)
  10. The Brazilian legislature is... (Claus C. Meyer, Science, v278 n5344 p1699)
  11. Reproductive dominance of pasture trees in a fragmented tropical forest mosaic (Preston R. Aldrich, Science, v281 n5373 p103-105)
  12. Return of the forest (Virginia Morell, Science, v278 n5346 p2059)
  13. Long-term effects of acid rain (G.E. Likens et al., Science, v272 n5259 p244)
  14. Conservation targets in South American temperate forests (J.J. Armest et al., Science, v282 n5392 p1271)
  15. Towards a sustainable paper cycle, Executive summary (International Institute for Environment and Development)
  16. Rain forest fragments fare poorly (Nigel Williams, Science, v278 n5340 p1016)
  17. Temperate forests
    gain ground (Anne Simon Moffat, Science, v282 n5392, p1253)
  18. Global forest fire watch: Wildfire potential, detection, monitoring, and assessment (A. Singh et al., UNEP)
  19. Third world debt and tropical deforestation (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  20. Environmental effects of whole tree timber harvesting (Oak Ridge National
  21. Causes and consequences of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  22. Accommodating conflicting interest in forestry: Concepts emerging from pluralism (FAO)
  23. Technologies for Sustainable Forest Management: Challenges for the 21st Century (J.A. Sayer et al., CIFOR)
  24. Deforestation of tropical rain forests (Basic Science and Remote Sensing Initiative, Michigan State University)
  25. Deforestation and development in Amazonia (Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, Smithsonian Institution)

Section III: Visuals

  1. Saving the forests: What will it take? (Allan Durning, WorldWatch Paper 117)
  2. Taking a stand (Janet Abramovitz, WorldWatch
    Paper 140)
  3. Reforesting the Earth (Sandra Postel et al., WorldWatch Paper 83)
    45. Air pollution, acid rain, and the future of the forests
    (Sandra Postel, WorldWatch Paper 58)
  4. Forest Journey : The Role of Wood in the Development of Civilization (John Perlin, Harvard University Press)

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