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Section I: Introduction to biodiversity

  1. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (H.A. Mooney et al., Global Biodiversity Assessment)
  2. Biodiversity and its value (Biodiversity Series, Paper No.1, Dept. of Environment, Sports, and Territories, Australia)
  3. What is biodiversity? (World Resources Institute)
  4. Chapter 6: Global patterns of biodiversity (Peter J. Bryant, Biodiversity and Conservation)
  5. Do we still need nature? The importance of biological diversity (Anthony C. Janetos, CONSEQUENCES)
  6. All the world's a garden (Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post, Jul. 10, 1992, B5)
  7. Biodiversity and ecosystem function: The debate deepens (J.P. Grimes, Science, v277 n5330 p1260-1261)
  8. The multifaceted aspects of ecosystem integrity (Guilio A. De Leo, Conservation Ecology, v1 n1 p3)
  9. Biodiversity in a vial of sugar water (Virginia Morell, Science, v278 n5337 p390)
  10. Knowing the Earth's biodiversity: Challenges for the infrastructure of systematic biology (Stephen Blackmore, Science, v274 n5284 p63)
  11. The effects of plant composition and diversity on ecosystem processes (David Hooper et al., Science, v277 n5330 p1302)
  12. The influence of island area on ecosystem properties (David A. Wardle et al., Science, v277 n5330 p1296)
  13. The influence of functional diversity and composition on ecosystem processes (David Tilman et al., Science, v277 n5330 p1300)
  14. Human Nature: Agricultural Biodiversity and Farm-Based Food Security (Hope Shand, Rural Advancement Foundation International, 1997)
  15. Biodiversity: Microbiologists explore life's rich, hidden kingdoms (Robert F. Service, Science, v275 n5307 p1740)
  16. A molecular view of microbial diversity and the biosphere (Norman R. Pace, Science, v276 n5313 p734)
  17. Forward (E.O. Wilson, in Susan Middleton et al., Witness - Endangered Species of North America)

Section II: Biodiversity and human population

  1. The fall of a sparrow: The passing of biological diversity (Paul Harrison, The Third Revolution)
  2. Population and biodiversity: A commentary (Wolfgang Lutz, Human Population, Biodiversity and Protected Areas: Science and Policy Issues)
  3. Biodiversity data tables (WRI, World Resources 1998-99)
  4. Losing strands in the web of life (John Tuxill et al., State of the World 1998)
  5. Vertebrates signal biodiversity losses (John Tuxill, Vital Signs, 1998)
  6. Primate diversity dwindling worldwide (John Tuxill, Vital Signs, 1997)
  7. Biodiversity (WRI, World Resources 1994-95)
  8. Biological diversity and genetic resources (Geoffrey Lean et al., Atlas of the Environment)
  9. Areas of endemism (Geoffrey Lean et al., Atlas of the Environment)
  10. Root causes of biodiversity loss -- wildlife and habitat (WRI, World Resources 1992-93)
  11. How and Why Biological Resources are Threatened (WRI)
  12. 1 in 8 plants in global study threatened; 20-year project warns of major diversity loss (Curt Suplee, The Washington Post, Apr. 8, 1998, A01)
  13. 200 amphibian species face extinction (Star Tribune MPLS.ST.PAUL, Jun. 1, 1998, A6)
  14. Heeding the seas' vanishing species (Gary Lee, The Washington Post April 1, 1996, A3)
  15. Extinction on the high seas (David Malakoff, Science, n277 v5325 n486)
  16. A paleontologist looks to the future (Charles C. Mann, The Washington Post, Jan. 7, 1996, X8)
  17. Chapter 3: Extinction and depletion from over-exploitation (Peter J. Bryant, Biodiversity and Conservation)
  18. Chapter 5: Overexploitation threatening living species (Peter J. Bryant, Biodiversity and Conservation)
  19. Gardenification of wildland nature and the human footprint (Daniel Janzen, Science, v279 n5355 p1312)
  20. Heeding the warning in biodiversity's basic law (Michael L. Rosenzweig, Science, v284 n5412 p276)
  21. Rare habitats vie for protection (Karen Schmidt, Science, v274 n5289 p916)
  22. Global nitrogen overload problem grows critical (Anne Simon Moffat, Science, v279 n5353 p988)
  23. Can cloning help save beleaguered species? (Jon Cohen, Science, v276 n5317 p1329)
  24. Extinction and the loss of evolutionary history (Sean Nee et al., Science, v278 n5338 p692)
  25. Wildlife harvest in
    logged tropical forests (John G. Robinson et al., Science, v284 n5414 p595)
  26. Tree species diversity in commercially logged Bornean rainforest (Charles H. Cannon et al., Science, v281 n5381 p1366)
  27. Papers posit grave impact of trawling (David Malakoff, Science, v282 n5397 p2168)
  28. No need to isolate genetics (Michael E. Soul'e et al., Science, v282 n5394 p1658)
  29. Dams drain the life out of riverbanks (Nigel Williams, Science, v275 n5313 p683)
  30. Why population matters -- endangered species (Population Action International)

Section III: The future of biodiversity

  1. Saving plant and animal life: Treaty on biological diversity offers possibility of breakthrough (Tom Kenworthy, The Washington Post, Jun. 1, 1992, A15)
  2. A Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity (Lyle Glowka et al., IUCN, 1994)
  3. The convention about life on Earth (GEF Clearing-House Mechanism)
  4. Biodiversity Prospecting: Using Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development (Walter V. Reid et al., WRI)
  5. Unique, all-taxa survey in Costa Rica "self-destructs" (Jocelyn Kaiser, Science, v276 n5314 p893)
  6. Model Indian deal generates payments (Pallava Bagla, Science, v283 n5408 p1614b)
  7. Bioprospecting in an African context (Lydia Makhubu, Science, v282 n5386 p41)
  8. Botanical gardens cope with bioprospecting loophole (Alan Dove, Science, v281 n5381 p1273)
  9. Brazil wants cut of its biological bounty (Elizabeth Pennisi, Science, v279 n5356 p1445)
  10. Entering the century of the environment: A new social contract for science (Jane Lubchenco, Science, v279 n5350 p491)
  11. Planning for biodiversity (Stuart L. Pimm et al., Science, v279 n5359 p2068)
  12. New research horizons (Terry E. Smith, Science, v278 n5346 p2040)

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